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Why is it important?

Unfortunately, those with moderate to severe OSA have a reduced life expectancy. They have a significantly higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease (including ischaemic heart disease and stroke). OSA contributes to the risk of developing diabetes and, for those who are diabetic, OSA worsens control of blood sugar levels.

In addition, there is an association between OSA and a higher risk of motor vehicle accidents. With OSA it is harder to concentrate and remain alert during the daytime, and there are higher rates of anxiety and depression.

Dr Adrian Chazan


Dr Chazan is a Respiratory & Sleep Physician, and General Physician. Born in Melbourne, he undertook his basic medical training at the University of Melbourne. With a passion for sleep and breathing, he trained at world-renowned centres of excellence in Melbourne and Sydney, including Westmead Hospital, the Alfred Hospital and Monash Medical Centre. Adrian has been involved in research activities in the fields of sleep apnoea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and exercise physiology.

Adrian utilises the latest findings in sleep research as well as the emerging technologies in diagnosis and treatment. He takes a patient-centered approach to medical care with the aim of empowering his patients to achieve better sleep and optimal long-term health outcomes.